Pray and Lobby – “For the Love of” day in London

Pray and Lobby – “For the Love of” day in London

What a day! It’s rare that so many of us who are involved in praying and fasting in the UK are able to come together in prayer … but the “For the love of” service and lobby in London provided a golden opportunity.

The day started with two ecumenical services held simultaneously at St Margaret’s, Westminster, and the Emmanuel Centre on Marsham Street. Each had a full complement of leaders and worshippers from different churches – it was amazing to see the unity on display and to hear the congregations as they prayed and sang together.

You can read the main address delivered by Bishop Nicholas Holtam here.

You can read accounts of the service and lobby from members of SCIAF and CAFOD

And you can see The Climate Coalition’s compilation of “The Best of ‘Speak Up #fortheloveof'” here.


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