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It’s easy to join in! Just pray and fast on the first of each month – or on another occasion during the month, if that’s more appropriate.


Our monthly updates (sign up on the right) and resources page give you all the materials you need to spend time in prayer, alone or with others, for current climate issues.


FAQs: But what if I can’t fast for health reasons?


Not a problem! When we talk about fasting, we have the same understanding as the global Fast for the Climate movement, who say:

Our understanding of fasting is going without something voluntarily. In this case we are mainly talking about going without food. Most of us are fasting on the first of each month, for 24 hours. But there is no right or wrong way to do it. Some people are skipping a meal together once a month. Some people are fasting from carbon consumption and production. Some people are fasting from food waste

We’re all different – and people have different health concerns and responsibilities. It’s up to you what you choose to fast from as a sign of your prayerful commitment.


Do I need to register?


There’s no requirement. But it can be very encouraging for everyone if you let us know what you’re doing! If you’re holding a ‘pray and fast’ event and want to let us know, drop us a line at We also welcome stories about what you’ve done and contributions of worship materials.

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