Inspiration for action

Inspiration for action

St Mary Magdalene Church, Littleton is twinned with two congregations in the Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique. In response to the recent dreadful flooding in their linked parishes, the church is cutting its carbon footprint.


“Pray and Fast” participant Fran Chandler writes in:

St Mary Magdalene Church, Littleton will be walking or biking to church on 1st Feb for all those who are able. Cars will only be used for the less able and those who live some distance from the church. Drivers will be encouraged to have a full car so that as few cars as possible are used.

On 1st March we shall be cutting our energy use – no heating or lighting in church. People will be encouraged to plan for this at home also by catering for cold meals and finding ways of entertainment that exclude TV and all the usual IT equipment.

The need for this has been shockingly brought home to us this week with the worst floods in Niassa diocese, Mozambique since 1971.  They would normally expect flooding once a decade but this is the  fourth time since 2000. (The Diocese of London is twinned with the dioceses in Mozambique through ALMA,  our Angola London Mozambique Association.)

One of our link parishes has suffered badly. The Archdeacon based at the hub in Miiange has written listing 16 congregations that he has heard from where homes and churches have been destroyed and people have died as their houses have collapsed on them.

Jo and Andy Beale are 2 young Brits working on sanitation projects and based at the hub in Milange. Their blogs this month give a very vivid picture of what they have endured weather-wise, recently.

-blog from Andy Beale on waiting for the rains to come

-blog from Jo Beale on the flooding in Milange where even the solid well-built houses are succumbing to the pressure of the rain.