We hope that God will use our prayers to influence politicians, to build a powerful platform for change, to strengthen our campaigning and to inspire others.


You can pray and fast at any time of day, on your own or with others. Check out our website for for ideas and to hear other people's stories.


We have lots of resources, including worship materials, prayers and monthly prayer points, all designed to help you pray and fast for the climate

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Our Stories

People's pilgrimage; Prayer walk in Wimbledon
People's pilgrimage; Prayer walk in Wimbledon
On October 11th a group of people from Wimbledon, London...
Successful Shropshire pilgrimage
Successful Shropshire pilgrimage
The two groups in Shropshire praying together each month, joined...
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Pray and Lobby - "For the Love of" day in London
What a day! It's rare that so many of us...
Why I pray and fast ... and lobby
Why I pray and fast ... and lobby
Leading Christian campaigner Dr David Golding, CBE, shares with us...
Speak Up #Fortheloveof
Speak Up #Fortheloveof
On 17 June, Christians will join with thousands of others...

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