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December 2021 Prayer Points

Following the COP, we have prayer points that reflect on what has happened – and what needs to happen next. There’s a special feature, too, on the delegates from Palau whom we met at the COP – whose contributions are forthright, moving and a call to action. Download the December Prayer Points: PAFFTC-Prayer-Points-December-2021

November 2021 Prayer Points

We have a special COP26 set of prayer points this month – a prayer diary with prayers for each day of the COP, designed to match the emphases of the official programme. Please do use them yourselves and circulate to others. Download the November Prayer Points: Prayer-points-November-2021

October 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God: the joint statement by the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury and Ecumenical Patriarch a call from Bill McKibben to move forward with urgency in two key areas prayers that obstacles to developing country delegates’ attendance at the COP will be removed prayers about China’s use and financing of coal prayers […]

September 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God: the IPCC report on the physical science basis for climate change, praying that its stark words will have a strong impact Dr James Dyke’s reflections on the threat of fire, storm and flood … as we pray for those affected by recent extreme events Season of Creation celebrations the […]

Prayer Vigil for COP26

The UN climate talks in Glasgow this year – COP 26 – offer a chance for the global community to move the Paris Agreement to the next stage. It’s an important moment – and one that needs a lot of prayer! Isabel Carter has created all you need to hold a prayer vigil. The materials […]

August 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God: the preparations needed for COP26 – now less than 100 days away! the gap between rhetoric and action – we pray for wisdom for world leaders those affected by recent climate-related disasters a new report which warns of tipping points … and our hopes for positive ‘tipping points’ the […]

July 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God: the contents of a leaked draft of the forthcoming IPCC report on climate impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation the alarming heat extremes seen in the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the world legislation on climate from major emitters the end of the Keystone XL pipeline a new resource from […]

June 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God: The G7 meeting, with its chance to progress climate finance. The promises governments and others are making: are they real harbingers of progress? Or greenwash? Action by investors and a Dutch court to hold oil companies to account. Changes in the polar regions – and the concerns of young […]

May 2021 Prayer Points

There’s hope for progress after the United States’ Leaders Summit on Climate – and we give thanks for that and for progress on decarbonisation, while recognising that more is needed. Scientists raise an alert that we have to be careful about how we set net zero targets; a new ‘non-proliferation’ treaty on fossil fuels receives […]