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March 2020 Prayer Points

As we begin Lent, there are signs of hope – among them a new 2030 net zero target to explore for the Church of England … and a precedent-setting ruling in the UK that requires government policy to take into account the government’s climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. Our prayer points look also at […]

February 2020 Prayer Points

2020 needs to be a year of action. Our February prayer points highlight a call to action – and we pray for people affected by the East and Southern African floods, for humans and all living things affected by the Australian fires, for people and businesses leading the way on climate action, and for ourselves, […]

December 2019 Prayer Points

As Advent begins, and with it the new Christian year, we pray for new progress in the UN climate negotiations … and for a renewed and increased commitment to climate action from people, businesses and countries around the world. Download the December Prayer Points

November 2019 Prayer Points

This month we are praying for the worldwide A Rocha family and for all involved in reorganising the next UN climate conference, following the very late withdrawal of Chile as host. We pray, too, for those affected by floods in Japan and for all trying to work out how to create effective and just strategies […]

October 2019 Prayer Points

A stunning 7 million people joined the global climate strikes … the UN met to take forward progress on climate responses … new reports show increased impacts of global heating, underlining the urgent need for climate action. There’s much to pray for … Download the October Prayer Points

September 2019 Prayer Points

As the Season of Creation begins, we give thanks for the beauty of God’s earth – and pray that more and more people will appreciate the blessings God has given us in the diversity of creation. We pray for protection for the people and rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, for better use of land, […]

August 2019 Prayer Points

The heat extremes continue – and what’s happening in the Arctic is cause for especial concern. There are opportunities for prayer and action, too – the Season of Creation is coming up; a major new report calls for massive tree planting; and it’s a crucial time for climate policies and plans in the UK and […]

July 2019 Prayer Points

How hot did you say? Extreme heat is underlining the need for climate action. There’s positive progress for which to give thanks – like the commitments to net zero targets, new developments in technology, investor action and increased use of renewables. But there are also roadblocks being set along the way … it’s an important […]

June 2019 Prayer Points

The past month has seen worrying reports about unprecedented declines in nature, greater-than-expected melting of polar ice, and decreased investment in renewables. It’s also seen more churches and other groups divest from fossil fuels, several countries considering or committing to ambitious net zero targets, and a turn away from coal in New York State. Much […]