May 2024 Prayer Points

We celebrate Pentecost and Trinity in this month … and we give thanks for the work of the Holy Spirit in God’s great plan of creation and redemption. We lament the ongoing extreme events that show the disorder of our overheated world. We pray for those who suffer as a result. We pray for elections happening this month and early next, for action on plastic production, and for work to protect biodiversity. And we give thanks – for a ruling that clarifies European governments’ obligations to take climate action in order to protect people in their country from adverse climate impacts, for the EU Parliament’s vote to leave the Energy Charter Treaty, and for the way Fair Trade helps people to think about business ethics.


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April 2024 Prayer Points

Alleluia! The Lord is risen! We give thanks to God who has reconciled all things in Christ – and pray for the world that God loves so much.

There are many areas of concern this month – especially around extreme heat and the continued emphasis by fossil-fuel producers on expanding exploration and development. There are also positive signs, including work to preserve the Amazon, an exciting confirmation that small actions can make a significant difference, and new standards for work by Faith Based Organizations. We give thanks for all that is positive – and pray for God’s transformation of all that is problematic.

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March 2024 Prayer Points

We start this month by remembering the words of St David, patron saint of Wales – “Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things ….” We pray for efforts, in Wales and in Europe, to bring in new legislation that will protect nature. We pray for the campaign to convince insurers to insure our future rather than damaging fossil-fuel production, for China to get back on track with its 2025 climate targets, and for cocoa farmers affected by El Nino. We recall Jesus’ challenges to the status quo in the period after his triumphal entry to Jerusalem … and we rejoice in Easter hope.

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February 2024 Prayer Points

As Lent begins, we seek to grow closer to God, each other, and all God’s creation. We pray for those who are hungry and acknowledge the pain of our overheating world. We give thanks for progress on renewables and for the skill of young climate negotiators. We pray for the many elections that will affect climate policies – and for wisdom for all governments.


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December 2023 Prayer Points

As we start Advent and the COP28 talks begin, we give thanks for the hope we have in Christ … and pray both for the talks and for countries to take action to make positive commitments into reality.


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November 2023 Prayer Points

Ahead of the next UN Climate Conference, Pope Francis issues a powerful call to action. Extreme weather events underline the need for urgent action. We lament the destruction associated with conflict. And we pray for nations and negotiators preparing for COP28.

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October 2023 Prayer Points

Apologies to all that the October prayer points didn’t go up as usual, due to unforeseen circumstances. We are now putting up an abbreviated version of what would have been the prayer points.

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September 2023 Prayer Points

As the Season of Creation begins, we join in the worldwide prayers to ‘let justice and peace flow’! We lament the recent climate disasters and pray for all who suffer. We ask for justice for those who have done the least to cause the climate crisis and yet are suffering some of its worst impacts – and pray for the ‘Make Polluters Pay’ day this month. We pray for important forthcoming meetings – and give thanks for the courage of young people and the citizens of Ecuador as they show that positive action is possible!

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August 2023 Prayer Points

As we prepare for the Season of Creation, we look around our world and see what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called the ‘era of global boiling’. Lamenting the destruction and asking God’s forgiveness for our part in it, we pray for brothers and sisters – and for all of creation – affected by the heat.

Some progress has been made this month to reduce emissions from shipping, and we give thanks to that. We also raise before God three key areas that will be negotiated at the climate talks in Dubai this November. And, acutely aware of the pressures on politicians in some countries, we pray for progress rather than polarisation and partisanship in national climate responses. Join us!

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July 2023 Prayer Points

‘The heat is on’ as countries around the world experience record-breaking temperatures, while negotiators struggle to make progress in the UN climate talks. We give thanks for signs of climate action – increases in renewable capacity, a key referendum in Switzerland, progress to halt deforestation in Brazil, the Church of England’s decision to divest from fossil-fuel companies. And conscious how much more needs to be done, we pray or all affected by the heat and all working to take forward meaningful action in the global climate negotiations and also at national and local level.

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