October 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God:

  • the joint statement by the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury and Ecumenical Patriarch
  • a call from Bill McKibben to move forward with urgency in two key areas
  • prayers that obstacles to developing country delegates’ attendance at the COP will be removed
  • prayers about China’s use and financing of coal
  • prayers about climate finance and countries’ national plans

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September 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God:

  • the IPCC report on the physical science basis for climate change, praying that its stark words will have a strong impact
  • Dr James Dyke’s reflections on the threat of fire, storm and flood … as we pray for those affected by recent extreme events
  • Season of Creation celebrations
  • the Young Christian Climate Network pilgrimage to COP26
  • the need for progress on climate finance
  • the need to speak out on climate issues

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August 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God:

  • the preparations needed for COP26 – now less than 100 days away!
  • the gap between rhetoric and action – we pray for wisdom for world leaders
  • those affected by recent climate-related disasters
  • a new report which warns of tipping points … and our hopes for positive ‘tipping points’
  • the joys of God’s creation, as seen in butterflies

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July 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God:

  • the contents of a leaked draft of the forthcoming IPCC report on climate impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation
  • the alarming heat extremes seen in the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the world
  • legislation on climate from major emitters
  • the end of the Keystone XL pipeline
  • a new resource from Green Christian

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June 2021 Prayer Points

This month, we bring before God:

  • The G7 meeting, with its chance to progress climate finance.
  • The promises governments and others are making: are they real harbingers of progress? Or greenwash?
  • Action by investors and a Dutch court to hold oil companies to account.
  • Changes in the polar regions – and the concerns of young people, both of which underline the need for urgent action.
  • An Australian judge’s ruling, which  recognises a duty to protect young people from climate harms.

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May 2021 Prayer Points

There’s hope for progress after the United States’ Leaders Summit on Climate – and we give thanks for that and for progress on decarbonisation, while recognising that more is needed. Scientists raise an alert that we have to be careful about how we set net zero targets; a new ‘non-proliferation’ treaty on fossil fuels receives approbation from over 100 Nobel prize winners; we pray about key species, ecosystems and people under threat; and   remember wise words from Prince Philip about the imperative to care for creation and former Archbishop Rowan Williams’ call to care for the Body of Christ present and yet to come.

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April 2021 Prayer Points

The hope of the resurrection is our primary theme for the April prayer points – Alleluia! He is risen!

We are also praying for protection of the seas from bottom trawling, rapid action to keep the tropics from becoming unliveable, the need to hold countries to their promises about a green recovery, and more.

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March 2021 Prayer Points

A prayer for St David’s Day, clear calls to action from David Attenborough and the team preparing the UN climate talks, prayers for farmers and for those suffering because of floods and cold, and some encouraging news about new technologies and local action to plant forests.

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February 2021 Prayer Points

There’s change in the US – and a new focus on adaptation globally. We mourn an inspiring leader – and take inspiration from her prayers. Electric cars are taking off – and we’re invited to show our love for creation in prayer and action.

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January 2021 Prayer Points

As a new year begins, we bring before God the plans for the 2021 Conference of Parties – and the many plans being made throughout the world for recovery from the COVID pandemic.

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